Lego Batman 2

Sequel to the first fun-filled Lego Batman game

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LEGO started off as nothing more than building blocks for kids to play with and leave lying around on the floor. Over the past 15 years, the LEGO brand has become a powerful franchise making huge strides in many product lines. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is a testament to the franchise's ability to appeal to video gamers of all ages. Prior LEGO video games have appeared rather rudimentary, but the franchise has certainly turned the corner. Software developer Traveler's Tales is finding its best stride with this game.

LEGO video games always seem to have a unique storyline. While the Batman name in the title may lead gamers to think he is the game's focus, the reality is that other DC Comics heroes are involved in the game, especially Superman. The goal of the game is for Batman, Robin and Superman to thwart the efforts by Lex Luther and The Joker to fix the presidential election to Luther's benefit. Other characters will become involved in the game-play action.

Visually, the game continues to evolve. The LEGO characters will always have their charm and appeal. This version gives some of the Super Heroes their appropriate super powers, namely Wonder Woman and her gold lasso and Black Canary with her sonic blast. Even Batman and Robin have a new look from prior games. Each of the characters also display some interesting and fun personality traits. The soundtrack and storytelling voice overs are first class, giving the gamer a sense of being deeply involved in the storyline.

As the gamer moves through 15 different chapters, they will get a great opportunity to explore Gotham City and collect rewards. This is a new aspect of LEGO video games. It adds a little more depth, which might make the game more appealing to adults. That being said, the game was surely designed for kids and novice gamers. The normal game controls related to the LEGO franchise are still the same. They include the ability to run, jump and punch. It might sound a little violent, but it's not problematic for kids.


  • Fun and Enjoyable - The entire library of LEGO games is truly appealing to kids. The action is simple to understand and control, which keeps the kids interested.
  • Multi-Player Feature - It's nice that friends can jump in and participate in the battle between good and evil. The game works well in all modes.
  • Voice Overs - Prior games have relied on visual effects to help tell the story. The voice overs are a great addition, and the voice actors chosen seem perfectly suited for the characters they are portraying.


  • Game is too easy - The entire game (15 chapters) can be experienced in just a few hours. Future games can add more depth by making the gaming experience last a little longer and offering more of a challenge.
  • Controls - The controls are more of the same. It would have been nice if the characters had different moves to help make the game more fun.

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